We have had reports of a whole range of emotions experienced during our classes as we bring everyone to new levels of fitness, "exhilarating" and "energising" are the two most common we receive. Some people come out claiming the class was the hardest thing they’ve ever tried, quickly followed by “can I book in for my next one...”.

tatler "most shouty" gym award 2015


- Harper’s Bazaar

"The final sprint section managed to be both gruelling and fun. "

-The Guardian

"the energetic team, high-tech equipment, fun soundtrack and flashing lights ensure this hardcore session (you'll burn 1,000 calories in 45 minutes) is fun throughout. "



"Addicted to edge cycle"

- fourfits


"Spin class with a difference"

- Gymbags & Gladrags


"I was absolutely dripping in sweat after that 45 minute class but I was totally buzzing and that buzz lasted all day!"

Be Pretty Fit


"The atmosphere in classes is amazing with music blaring and the lights low- it’s a bit like a sweaty disco."

- New Magazine