1. How Do I Get Started?

Getting started at Edge Cycle is simple. Just click on the “BOOK A CLASS” tab and choose the class you wish to try. The class schedule automatically defaults to today but you can select future dates by using the calendar.

Click “Sign Up Now”, create your account and reserve your spot. You have now started your journey to the Edge!

Once you have created your Edge Cycle account, you can take advantage of our class packages.

2. Do Class Passes Expire?

Class passes expire depending on the package you have purchased. You can see the expiration of class passes in the “Prices”tab on our website.

3. Do I need Indoor Cycling Shoes?

If you feel comfortable in trainers then please wear them. Our bikes have straps so you will be secure. However, Cycling shoes provide you with a better and safer experience.

All of our bikes are SPD cleat compatible. If you have and want to bring your own then great. If not, we will provide shoes free of charge.

4. When Can I Book My Class?

Our timetable is set months in advance so you can reserve your class at anytime. You can even make a regular booking for the same time each week if it makes things easier for you.

If we ever change a class and you are scheduled to attend then we will always notify you in advance, at least 14 days.

5. Can I Cancel My Class Booking?

Yes. If you cancel with more than 24 hours’ notice your account will be credited with a class. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice your account will not be credited. To cancel a booking simply log in to your account. Select the class you want to cancel (it will say “registered”), click this class and then the cancel button. You will always receive an email notification of your cancellation.

6. Are Classes For All Levels?

Edge Cycle is bringing Indoor Cycling to everyone, no matter what age, ability or fitness level! If you have never done Indoor Cycling before then we suggest you book a FREE 30 minute Learn to Ride session. We will show you how easy Indoor Cycling is. Please be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early so we can make sure you are set up correctly.

7. What Happens If I am Late To A Class?

We understand that on some occasions you may be late for a class therefore we do allow for you to walk in the class late. However we ask customers to make sure they warm up properly and to be mindful of other people in the class.